Blanket or sleeping bag / bed sheets and pillow covers / pajamas / Trainers and flip flops / shocks / towels / bathing suit / raincoat / sun hat / torch / toiletries / flask / jacket / jumper / long trousers / underwear and summer clothes.

Optional supplies

Books, craft kits, board games, costumes, instruments, magazines.

You should not bring with you valuable things such as watches, jewelry, mp3, expensive mobile phones, video games and sharp or dangerous objects.

The camp has no responsibility in case of loss of any of your belongings.

Kids’ Bank

In the camp we operate our own Bank, where kids or parents can deposit money, from where our campers can take the daily amount needed.

The camp has the right to present the staff and campers on our site on internet or in our prospectus through photos or videos according to their life inside the camp, unless the staff, kids or parents refuse it by making a writing statement.

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