1) From what age can a kid participate to the program? Where are the campers staying?
In our program can participate boys and girls aged 6 – 16 years old divided into groups based on their age and gender and they sleeping in special designed rooms with their group leader.
2) Is there a cost for my kid to participate in your program? Which are my options for cover that cost?
There is a cost to participate in our program. Your insurance can cover that cost if you are entitled. Otherwise we have economical packages depends on the period that you will choose. For both options please contact us on (+30) 2310552522, to discuss about the cost and find out about our policies.
3) The camp operates infirmary?
The camp has a fully equipped infirmary and pharmacy, with 24 hour presence of a doctor and nurses, who live in the camp throughout the camping period.

To inform the doctor about your kid’s health condition please fill the medical bulletin, print it and give it to the project group leader or the coach escort (if you will use our coach), the first day of the camping period.

Please download and fill the MEDICAL BULLETIN

Hand the medical bulletin to us the first day. If your kid use our coach to come to the camp you can give it to the escort or to be certain that you will not forget it, put it in his/her luggage.

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