Our facilities are for our campers an important factor of adjustment, socialization and creation of positive life experiences. Our camp is trying to introduce children to the acquaintance with nature, away from the familiar rhythms and lifestyles which they have used to. That is why they are staying in very beautiful special designed rooms, under the shade of trees. Our little campers, are waiting for the whistle of the train, to begin the journey to their dream. Their group-leader is there to make sure that this journey will be in harmonious coexistence and security. In ourfacilitiesincluded:

  • Modern kitchen of 28 Esq. fully equipped
  • Dining room of 267 Esq.
  • Fully equipped clinic and convalescent room
  • Power supply generator in case of power failure
  • Autonomous fully installed firefighting network
  • Enclosure 2.20m high
  • Separate living arrangements for our special partners
  • Reception area
  • Info point
    Our campers, according on their age and abilities, have the opportunity to train and get to know different sports at our sports facilities. Our specialized staff which consists of physical education teachers is next to all their efforts.

    In our sports facilities included:

  • 2 swimming pools (for old and young kids)
  • 2 football courts
  • 3 basketball courts
  • 1 volleyball court
  • 1 handball court
  • 1 Badminton court
  • 1 beach volley court
  • Outdoor education facilities
  • Archery
  • Aerobic/Dance area
  • Ping pong
    variety of artistic and recreational activities include:

  • An art area for painting, pottery and other crafts
  • 2 open theatres
  • Area for board games and chess
  • Theatrical and educational games